NetHack Version 3.6.0 (VAX)

09-February-2016 by Lightman

WOPR now hosts the latest - as of this post - version of NetHack - version 3.6.0. As far as I know, this is the only VAX that is running the code (I'll email the team and find out if they know of any others). I haven't stumbled across any bugs yet, but if you run across one, please be sure to let me know, especially, if it seems like a platform bug.

Compilation Notes VAX NetHACK v 3.6.0

For the few that may be interested, compiling NetHACK on the VAX is a breeze. Linking, however, is a tiny bit messy, due to the format of some of the options files, which, I assume are not an issue on AXP / IA64.

The linker error:
%LINK-F-FIRSTMOD, first input file being a library requires module extraction

is pretty straight forward - and points to the fact that the nethack.opt linker-file specifies a library as the first input file (I'd love to know why the VAX dislikes this).


Though it may not be the most studious fix (please feel free to email me a more-intelligent approach), I was able to work around the linker-error with either of the following:
  • extract a module from nethack.olb and add it -first- to the options file
  • add an external object file -first- to the options file (e.g. snprintf.obj)
The second may seem a bit strange; however, I used this approach since snprintf was referenced in several calls, and is, seemingly, unavailable in VAX includes.

In any case, you can access VAX NetHACK v 3.6.0 online by clicking on the Login link under the services heading. You can also telnet.

No terminal in operation...

30-January-2016 by Lightman

After almost a decade, my friend (and 'co-lo') needed to vacate the space that housed my DEC equipment. As such, I've been offline for several months. I finally found time to restore WOPR and get it to a reasonable state... routing Area20 for HECnet, serving classic VAX games and hosting this website.

Regarding my other machines... I think I've found a co-lo for NORAD::, but as my list of projects grows, the time I have to move and re-build an rx6600 approaches zero.

WASD v10 Upgrade introducing WebSocket

15-October-2015 by Lightman

WOPR:: was recently updated to WASD v.10. As such, WebSockets may now be used to connect to the VAX over the existing TCP/HTTPS connection. If your browser supports WebSocket (most should), you should see the confirmation, immediately below:

WebSocket supported: Click here to login.

Conway's Game of Life

Eventually, I plan to dust off my Nexys dev board and attempt to create a cellular automaton (single-dimension, at first). Until then, I've added a link to a JScript version of the Game of Life (I do have a VAX copy laying around somewhere?!?) for those to enjoy.

about wopr:: Online VMS/VAX games

12-August-2009 by Lightman

wopr:: is currently running OpenVMS/VAX v7.3 and is fully licensed as part of the HP OpenVMS Hobbyist Program. The hobbyist program is available to anyone who is interested in running OpenVMS for educational / hobby purposes. To get started, or to find out more, visit the OpenVMS hobbyist site.

shall we play a game?

12-August-2009 by Lightman

For those who enjoy the novelty and challenge of a good text-adventure, interactive-fiction (IF), classic MUD or text-trader, I've included several classics online, public-access, free-of-charge.

Public Access:

If your browser supports WebSocket, you may use the links above to connect via your browser. Otherwise, you may telnet to: wopr.adelphos.org. Once connected, use the following credentials to login:
Username: games
Password: games
Feel free to send me a note, if you stumble across any issues, have suggestions, etc...

Login: List Games

The following list of VAX games, denotes those which are currently available online:

Interactive Fiction:
The Halls of Zk
ADVENT - Colossal Cave Adventure
ROGUE-like adventures:
NetHACK (v 3.4.3) - 2003
Hack (v. 1.0.2) - 1986
Moria (v4.85)
DoomsDay 2000 - 1987(?)
VMS Monster (v 1.06)
CircleMUD / VMS
GNU Chess
Star Trek
Galactic Trader (v5.22)